Introduction to Infant Massage
Mount Prospect Public Library, Saturday, April 26
, 10:00-11:00 AM

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Zero Balancing

Live Life in Balance
(excerpts from the Zero Balancing Association brochure)

, ZB enhances ease of movement, postural alignment, developmental processes, and reduces pain and discomfort.

, ZB quiets the mind, promotes self awareness and personality integration, and has a hallmark of engendering expanded state of consciousness and peacefulness.  Expanded states of consciousness lead to a greater opportunity for health, as tissue held tension and emotions are more readily able to be released from an expanded sense of well being and inner harmony.

Zero Balancing may help…
Symptoms from blocked or excessive energy            Problems related to stress
        Headaches                                                    Tension
        Backaches                                                     Insomnia    
        Fatigue                                                         Nervousness

Try Zero Balancing if you seek to…

      Increase capacity for enjoyment in daily life        Create inner quite & gain self-understanding
        In work relationships                                     Clear your mind
        In family & personal relationships                    Gain insight
        In improved attitudes                                    Align with your basic rhythms

    Improve quality of life
       Be more relaxed and invigorated
       Feel contentment
       Sustain feelings of well-being

What should you expect during a Zero Balancing session?

After an initial discussion to share information about your current state of health and reasons for seeking Zero Balancing, you will receive a seated evaluation.  Lying face up, fully clothed on a massage table, there will be an assessment of tension held in the bones, joints and skeletal structure of your body.   As a Certified Zero Balancing® practitioner I will place gentle finger pressure (fulcrums) into the spine, hips, feet, and neck to release held tension.  By aligning the densest tissues – the bones and joints – with the energy moving through them, Zero Balancing® facilitates dissolution of limiting and uncomfortable patterns of all kinds, thereby releasing your own energy back into you.  A typical ZB session is refreshing and deeply relaxing, takes 30 to 40 minutes, and reestablishes your sense of comfort with life.

   “True health is more than the absence of
     symptoms; it must include the capacity
     for contentment in life as it unfolds.”               

   Fritz Frederick Smith, M.D., originator of Zero Balancing®

Sessions are by appointment

Beneficial Bodywork
300 S. Edward St.
Mount Prospect, IL 60056
(847) 259-3002 

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